PAX AUS Indie Showcase 2022 – Rooftop Renegade

PAX AUS Indie Showcase 2022 - Rooftop Renegade

The PAX AUS Indie Showcase is a chance to see some of the best new and upcoming titles from the ANZ development scene with past winners including celebrated games such as Unpacking, Hollow Knight, The Gardens Between, Hacknet, Wayward Strand and many more. The 2022 Indie Showcase is bursting at the seams, with 2021 winners invited back for the in-person experience they missed out on. Furthermore, the inclusion of Tabletop gaming means there is an even larger variety of experiences on offer on the show floor. Player2 encourages anyone visiting PAX AUS to make their way to the PAX Rising area and check out the following title as well as the many other excellent indies on display.

Having played and enjoyed Rooftop Renegade at PAX AUS 2019, it was exciting to see it return in 2022 not only as an improved game overall but a 2022 Indie Showcase winner. Player2 checked in with Patrick from developer Melonhead Games to find out what changes Rooftop Renegade has undergone in the past three years.


Stephen del Prado: I first played Rooftop Renegade at PAX AUS 2019 and had a great time – how much has changed for Rooftop Renegade since then in terms of development and the industry at large?

Patrick: Rooftop Renegade has come a huge way since 2019. Between adding new worlds, loadouts and moves, the overall movement and flow of the game is so much more than it was before. On top of that, the way abilities are used has been overhauled, allowing chaining of different abilities. Also, we have levels on the moon!


SDP: What’s the elevator pitch for Rooftop Renegade?

Patrick: Rooftop Renegade is an action platformer all about speed & flow. Boost through levels under constant bombardment, avoid dangerous hazards and make split second decisions that could mean the difference between a new personal best or total wipeout. Gear up to take on challenging levels alone or disrupt your friends in chaotic local multiplayer!

SDP: Where did the initial idea for Rooftop Renegade come from and what titles in particular did you draw inspiration from?

Patrick: Rooftop Renegade was thought up during the Global Game Jam in 2018. We wanted to make something fast with a multiplayer twist, and loved the result so kept on going. I may or may not have been replaying Jet Set Radio at the time too, but who’s to say!



SDP: Having exhibited in 2019, what was your reaction to being invited back as a 2022 Indie Showcase winner?

Patrick: It’s thrilling! Being part of PAX Rising is already such an amazing experience, so winning a place among the showcase games totally blew our expectations away!

SDP: What can PAX AUS Attendees look forward to at the Rooftop Renegade booth?

Patrick: PAX Attendees can look forward to our mix of both a single player setup with challenging levels taking place across the three worlds, along with a 4-player local multiplayer setup for those who want to get a bit more competitive.



SDP: Are there any future titles underway for Melonhead Games or is Rooftop Renegade still the sole focus until launch next year?

Patrick: So many ideas have been thrown around the office over the years, however our focus is getting Rooftop Renegade out the door and into players hands on PC, Xbox, Switch and PlayStation. 

Rooftop Renegade can be wishlisted on Steam right now and is playable on at the PAX AUS Indie Pavilion from October 7-9, with a planned release date of Q1 2023.

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