Goat Simulator 3 – Udderly Insane

Goat Simulator 3 - Udderly Insane

Goat Simulator is known for being a game that is buggy as heck, full of glitches, and far from a polished triple-A title release. What Goat Simulator IS known for is its licking ridiculous fun that explodes through it’s ragdoll physics, insane sandbox gameplay and being a huge joke of a game. Goat Simulator 3 is now exception; it’s an insanely fun sandbox, full of surprises and sometimes a little frustrating. Developed by Coffee Stain North, Goat Simulator 3 is, according to the PR buzz, 18 times bigger than Goat Simulator, with a first time integration of story mode. The absolute best part of Goat Simulator 3 is that you play as a criminally insane goat (as per your choice) and flip-flop yourself around an island.

Arriving at Fairmedows Ranch with a gang of placated goats you are introduced to the Goat Castle. You play as Pilgor as your run rabid through San Angora completing quests, achieving incentives, and picking up trophies as you try to unlock the goat castle and its Illuminati secrets. While there is a supposed storyline, it is not cohesive or linear in any way, shape or form. You are left to tie the pieces together to work out the direction of the narrative.

The third-person action gameplay (did I just refer to a GOAT SIM GAME as action?) allows for an absolute blast as you fly, jump, ragdoll roll, and skid on your backside through the island of San Angora (cute). The game introduces new ways to get around the map including a Tony Hawk style of grinding on metal gates and powerlines; hitting high scores each time you hit a combo, and scooting around on your butt at full speed. However, the best way of transport though has to be the option of hijacking a vehicle and ragdolling it to your next destination, rampaging through NPCs that are either fed up with your antics or terrified of your existence.

No goat simulator game is complete without the ragdoll physics from the previous title. One element that is slightly frustrating about this option is that when your goat falls into ragdoll mode, you have to remember to press the R2 button to exit the mode. If you don’t, you end up rolling around for a while before realising what is slowing you down. It’s not a game-breaker by any means, but it’s the only slight aspect that slows you down while playing. The entire gameplay system seems to be designed for chaos and chaos alone. If an object gets in your way; headbutt it and continue your journey. These elements make for a haphazard time when you are challenged with items that may impede your expedition around the island.

Navigating your way around St Angora is quite simple, you can easily find your next waypoint by identifying it on the map and following a straightforward HUD that assists in getting to the waypoint. There is also the option to teleport to the goat castle when you are ready to unlock the next level in the throne room, transforming the castle into the GOAT of castles. The games menu includes the incentives to attempt to achieve (similar to a Tony Hawk style trick menu), quests, collectibles, and also the minigames menu that is available for online multiplayer.  

Online mode has been added to Goat Simulator 3 where you can share the ridiculous chaotic fun with friends. There have been seven mini-games added to the map that will open when you opt into online multiplayer. This does not obstruct you from participating and completing the rest of the quests on the island. In single player mode you are able to complete a variety of quests that involve puzzle solving, fetching objects, and some trying to defeat what looks like an innocent old lady. The quests have been designed to be completed within minutes and are enjoyable to play through, one quest requires you to build the most monstrous ride in Pimp-N-Ride, a vehicle that should be banned on the streets but drivable in Goat Sim. Some of the quests can be on the frustrating side of things, especially when the game is built on the notion of being a simple and gimmicky title to play.

Completing quests and incentives gives you points that you can use to purchase insane outfits and equipment for Pilgor. Equip your goat (or pig or long goat) with a variety of hilarious outfits including angel wings, a beach body suit, German highlander braid wigs, floral crowns, and adorable onesies. While costuming is unlockable through spending in-game currency or points, some of the merchandise is only unlocked through completing particular quests. These additional unique wardrobe items include a second-place ribbon, a scarecrow body costume, and a mini-trailer to carry around on Pilgor’s back. This element is a nice addition to the game and makes completing quests much more rewarding on top of the point system.

The bar is already pretty low for a simulator game of Goat Sim’s calibre, but the majority of audiences should already know this. This is a title known for being a ridiculous amount of chaotic fun where playing as your dream goat is the order of the day. The team at Coffee Stain know exactly what the title is and how it should be played, cranking up the insanity for an outrageous time and optimum enjoyability. Goat Simulator 3 is pure absurdity, nothing more, nothing less. 

Goat Simulator 3 was reviewed on the PS5 with code kindly supplied by Plaion Australia

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