Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad and The Undead – DLC Report

Marvel's Midnight Suns: The Good, The Bad and The Undead DLC Report

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was my game of the year. I adored it. It felt like it was made specifically for me and all of my favourite things. So to say I am looking forward to more of it would be an understatement. Well, that wish has been answered with the first of four DLC packs. The Good, The Bad and the Undead arrives with new enemies, new upgrades and most importantly, everyone’s favourite fourth wall-breaking anti-hero, Deadpool. 

As far as new things go, there isn’t a massive amount on offer here. A couple of new interesting enemy types based around Vampyres and four story-based missions involving Sin, a vampire who also happens to be the granddaughter of Red Skull. The story is actually quite cool and leaves off at a place that should leave Marvel fans happy. It is clearly going to be a continued story throughout the four DLC packs so if you want to power through it you may be best waiting for all of them to be released. 

The real reason to play this though is obviously Deadpool. He is once again voiced with aplomb by Nolan North who brings the character’s fourth-wall-breaking gibberish to the game perfectly. The writing for him also feels spot on with the jokes coming thick and fast. For example, he constantly refers to the main character Hunter as “brand new fully customisable player-controlled character.” It is exactly the sort of schtick you would expect, but it plays out beautifully. 

As a playable member of your team, Deadpool is an all-out attack, high damage-focused character with a handy heal-over-time ability that makes him a valuable addition, especially in longer battles. As he gets kills he also earns “El Fuego” which provides a damage boost to follow-up attacks. as you unlock more cards for him you get access to some high-damage, knockback and quick attacks that make Deadpool quite the addition to a team that already includes a high-level Hunter.

As a part of the DLC you also earn Deadpool’s Taco Truck as an Abbey upgrade which adds additional damage to move and reroll abilities for all characters. Once the initial Deadpool mission has been completed he can be used in any mission from the game, so he doesn’t disappear once his story segment is over. I must say that it was wise to make Deadpool a DLC character. If he was a main focal point for the game, well I imagine the wise-cracking would grow tiring, but as it is it feels like the perfect little amount of humour in the game. A bit of levity among the darkness. 

What it all boils down too is a nice little slice of extra content for the main game that opens up some cool possibilities as well as gives one of Marvel’s zanier characters a bit of time in the spotlight. It doesn’t break the mould for DLC but it does hit all the right notes. Now I have a feel for what to expect, I can’t wait for Venom, Morbius and Storm to get their turn in the wonderful world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. 

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