The Most Anticipated Remakes of 2023

2023 is here and as is the tradition at the start of a new year, we are looking ahead at what is coming to our PCs and Consoles in the coming months. As always this is based on what we know is coming, not unannounced titles that will surely get released during the year, and don’t hold it against us when some of these titles get delayed into 2024.

In a new category for this year, Matt is looking at the biggest remakes that are likely to hit our systems. 

The Most Anticipated Remakes of 2023

Like A Dragon: Ishin

More Yakuza is good Yakuza in my eyes, or should I say more Like A Dragon? Don’t get confused by the name change, this is a Yakuza game if a slightly different one. Ishin was originally a Japanese-only release in the PS3 days, a spinoff set in 18th century Japan with all the characters from the main games appearing as roving Ronin. 

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the franchise in the West, SEGA has seen the good business sense in remaking this obscure gem in the vein of the Kiwami releases from the main series and I tell you it has me smiling. 

It will be fantastic to see Majima, Diago and Kiryu strap on a Samurai sword when the game hits Xbox Series/One, PS4/5 and PC on the 17th of February. 

System Shock

The original System Shock came out in the mid-90s so it is well in need of some modern updates and that is exactly what players will get with this remake. That said, the development team has gone to great lengths to make sure the game still feels the same as the sci-fi horror classic.

For those that weren’t playing games that long ago, the basic premise is a rogue AI called SHODAN has taken over a space station and has been experimenting on the humans living there, melding them with machines. It may not sound like much but modern classics such as Bioshock and Dead Space owe System Shock a lot so it is great to see a whole new generation get the chance to experience it. 

System Shock is coming to PS4/5, Xbox Series/X and PC in March. 

Silent Hill 2

The worst-kept secret in gaming is now an official reality. Silent Hill is coming back in a few ways with the most notable being a remake of the much-loved Silent Hill 2. Though instead of doing it internally, Konami have handed development duties off to Bloober Team. 

Now that has fans a little worried. Bloober Team have a string of games that are good but not great, titles like The Medium and Layers of Fear, and nothing but exceptional will pass muster here. It is a slight worry I must admit but I think they do have the chops, especially as they have the blueprint already. 

Silent Hill 2 hasn’t got a release date yet but the rumour mill has this one quite a ways a long so expect it in the back part of the year on PS5 and PC. 

Resident Evil 4

I have a confession to make. I never played Resident Evil 4. It is a massive hole in my gaming history that I just never got around to filling. I have played every other mainline RE game at some point, just not 4. Well that’s about to change.

Just like the excellent job Capcom did on RE2 and 3 remakes, RE4 is coming back with all the bells and whistles and some changes in both story and gameplay to better suit modern audiences. Some would argue RE4 is not really in need of a treatment like this, but honestly, I’ll take it. 

Resident Evil 4 remake hits PS5/4, Xbox Series and PC on the 24th March.

Dead Space

Tis the season to remake horror classics right? Well, perhaps my favourite horror game of all time is next up on the remake list and that is Dead Space.

Nothing (even the still very good sequels) has freaked me out quite like this sci/fi horror master piece and I can’t wait to go through it all again, just prettier. There are also some modern tweaks to gameplay, but for the most part, this is the same game with a much sexier (well… gorier anyway) coat of paint. 

Dead Space is coming this month to PC, Xbox Series and PS5. 

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