Cosmonious High – S(pace) Tier

Cosmonious High - S(pace) Tier


The team at Owlchemy Labs have proven multiple times through the launches of their “simulator” titles, Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator that the team which once cut their teeth on early 2010’s mobile and PC titles found their greatest strength in the realm of VR. Both games, as well as their licensed work with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality have been incredibly well received by critics and fans alike, not because the games are doing anything mindblowing in, but because they provide a consistently humorous take on the more mundane or simple aspects of life. Their new title, Cosmonious High, shifts from the ludicrous take on the day-to-day seen in games of the past, and takes the hilarity to the stars, but can it be the gravitational pull for PS VR2 owners, or will it go on to be a piece of space junk?

Cosmonious High positions you as a new student, Prismi, arriving at Cosmonious High for the first time – it’s a big occasion too, because you’re the first of your kind to ever get accepted into the college. The day doesn’t begin ideally however, as the space bus careens into the side of the school, creating carnage around the college that it somehow very quickly falls to you to resolve. Seemingly every aspect of the school is malfunctioning in some ludicrous or very gamified way to gate your progression, and so it is your job to rectify the situation. The school offers players the chance to engage with a range of weird and wonderful subjects including “Chemosophy”, “Visualetics”, and “Astralgebra” to name but a few, but each present us with a selection of silly activities, akin to those seen in the previous Simulator games that introduce a few basic mechanics, and justify some over-the-top outcomes. The relatively tight Cosmonious High experience, can not only be finished, but fully-completed in under 8-9 hours, not overstaying its welcome, but simultaneously not feeling too light on for content either with a small number of collectibles available to chase after as you play.

Mechanically, Cosmonious High keeps things pretty simple, despite being a VR game. The title doesn’t look to stretch you with any overly physical activities or complicated movements, with players pouring chemicals to mix them, pushing buttons, opening cupboards, and throwing objects to complete nearly all of the different objectives in not only the core campaign but for some of the periphery activities as well. Fun is at the heart of everything that the game makes you do, and each action leverages the full capacity of the PS VR2 to facilitate that fun, from the precise movement of the sense controllers, to the pulses of the headset. Simplicity is at the heart of the playing experience, which allows the comedic aspects of the game to shine brighter.

While Cosmonious High won’t be stretching the capabilities of your PS VR2 or PS5 visually, the game has a look and feel that descends from Owlchemy Labs’ previous works but has been revitalised due to the space bound setting. The game won’t be winning any beauty contests, with its vibrant sense of style being what will win your heart. The voice work elevates the comedic scriptwriting to fantastic new heights while the whirls, bleeps, bloops, crumbling building elements and the many science fuelled SFX all fit well.

Cosmonious High doesn’t overstay its welcome, embracing the quality over quantity motto. Just when you might begin to feel as though a certain element if the game is beginning to tire you, you’ll earn enough credits to go elsewhere or will acquire a new skill to open up new exploratory possibilities. The signs come at a regular clip, and the game both plays and runs well, leaving you itching to explore it further.

Cosmonious High was reviewed on a PS VR2 with a code kindly provided by Triple Point PR

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