Player 2 Twitch Schedule

Player 2 Twitch

Player 2 Twitch Schedule

Player 2 is hitting Twitch in a big way and after a few months of finding our feet, we are now making it formal. Player 2 has now become a regular streamer. Recently certified as a Twitch Affiliate, we felt it was time to lock things down into a formalised schedule.

So this is the page you need to check out to find out we are streaming and when. It will be updated weekly with all of our planned streams. At this stage, our regular streams will be on Wednesday and Thursday, but like in all things surprises are fun, so make sure you subscribe to our Twitch channel to ensure you don’t miss any of our impromptu streams. Finally from now on, if you visit and we happen to be streaming at that time, you will get a nice little pop-up letting you know we are live, all you need to do is click on it and you will be magically transported to our current stream. Amazing right?

Friendly Rivalry – Hosted by Adam Rorke

  • Tuesday Nights – 8pm AEST – Overwatch

Indie Hour – Hosted by Matt Hewson

  • Thursday Nights – 8:30pm AEST – Watch Twitter for game announcements.

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