The Player 2 Podcast – Episode 19: Sadistic Santa Returns

The Player 2 Podcast – Episode 19: Sadistic Santa Returns

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house the gamers were crying ‘cause there was a monster about.

This beast of the season is annoying and lame because he gets his kicks out of changing our games.

He takes our wishes and flushes them away leaving us with nothing but garbage to play

So boys and girls have care and watch out because that nasty old bastard Sadistic Santa is about.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for the last ‘cast of the year that evil sod Sadistic Santa is back to haunt the Player 2 crew once again. In this episode Matt hosts a group of dejected individuals that includes Stevie, Matthew, Sarah and the father of Sadistic Santa and former Black Panel editor Erin Marcon. These hardy souls take on the worst of Sadistic Santa’s versions of gifts and live to tell the tale.

So grab your Christmas pudding, a glass of your favourite beverage and kick back as the Player 2 crew bring in the festive season with hilarious pain and agony.

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Matt Hewson – Sadistic Santa

Matthew Ballinger – Shopping Mall Santa

Sarah Ellen – Jingle Bells Administrator

Stevie McDonald – Excitable Elf

Erin Marcon – Evil Christmas Genius

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