The Player 2 PixelCast 100

The Player 2 PixelCast 100

New year, new milestone. We were sitting pretty at ninety-nine episodes over that there year-end break, but none of us gets to rest forever, and so we’re back in 2023 with episode one hundred coming in hot, straight off the bat. Just think, if we survive for ten times as long as we have already, we’re going to have a formatting issue because we’ve always used three digits in our labelling.

Tim is, appropriately, hosting this one, with Hewso, Rob and Steve helping to make up for the absence of Ken. The focus? Our personal favourite games from the past year. Everybody got to shout out their top to proper 2022 releases, with a third slot to accommodate anything we liked that might not normally qualify. Said category may possibly have been willed into existence so that Tim could plead with everyone to play The Artful Escape again.

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Games: Steelrising, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Lair of The Clockwork God

Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc

Break Music: Visitors from Dreams by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc


Tim Henderson

Matt Hewson

Rob Caporetto

Stephen del Prado

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