The Player 2 PixelCast 108

The Player 2 PixelCast 108

The year keeps chugging along, the current generation keeps chugging along, and it’s starting to feel like nothing is really changing? Or does it? That’s the question that Tim, Ken and Nick set out to answer during the later half of this episode and the answer may surprise you. Or, actually, it’s quite possible that it really, truly won’t.

One way or the other, with a lack of Star Wars nuts on this fortnight’s cast, the gaming landscape does feel almost eerily peaceful as the guys mull over what they’ve been playing. Maybe that in itself is a reflection of After Us, itself an eerie adventure on an Earth that maybe suffered the ultimate cost of late-stage Capitalism of which Tim has been able to discuss the opening moments of. Pat on the back to us, then, for getting through the May 4 period while finding something different to do.

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Games: After Us, Fury Unleashed

Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc

Break Music: Some Distance by Radiowar


Ken Lee

Nick Getley

Tim Henderson

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