Welcome to the Player2 Podcast

Welcome to the Player2 Podcast

So we have finally entered the world of audio with the first ever Player2.net.au Podcast. In our first episode our Editor Matt Hewson is joined by Player2 regular Stevie McDonald, Word Mercenary Jasom Imms and ex Black Panel Editor Erin Marcon.

This illustrious group gets together to talk about E3 2015. What they are expecting, what they would like to see and what they really hope doesn’t show up. They also managed to chat about some of the latest gaming news and what has been eating their gaming time.

So grab your headphones and join us with our first episode. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to ask them in the comments below. Most importantly enjoy our ramblings and we will be back with more next month.

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Matt Hewson – Editor

Stevie McDonald – Writer

Jason Imms – Freelance Writer

Erin Marcon – Indiana Jones 4 Apologist. 



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