Go for Pro – Counterstrike of Legends

Go for Pro – Counterstrike of Legends

Lets GO Aussies!

If you were thinking that perhaps Counter Strike is a thing of the past, then you’d feel shocked to find out it’s just as popular as it’s ever been! For people who frequent Twitch.tv though, it’s a no surprise as it’s consistently in the top 5 most viewed games day in, day out.

March 12th – 15th will be the ESL ONE, held at the Spodek Arena in Katowice, Poland, and if numbers are anything to go by, this will be the biggest one yet with $250,000 in prize money!

So why mention this here? Well it just so happens that Australian Team Vox Eminor have qualified to compete and represent Australia at this event! This is huge (and exciting) news for the Australian CS scene and further proof that we don’t let things like crappy internet or living on an secluded island get in the way of showing the world how awesome we are in eSports!

Vox Eminor defeated the Danish Team – Dignitas, 16 to 13 in a nail biter and were penned as the underdogs in this match up. We at Player2.net.au are extremely excited by this news and will be cheering on Vox Eminor to now dominate some of the worlds best at CS:GO!

For more information on ESL ONE you can check out their website here: http://voxeminor.com/


Aussies in a League of their own

It’s no secret that when it comes to the League of Legends eSports scene, Australia was always lacking in the quality that we’ve seen on the international scale. Last year showed some positive signs that we can finally start hanging out with the rest of the planet, but when it comes down to it, we’re Australians and we always try to punch above our weight, not letting things like poor infrastructure and small population get in our way!

Thankfully RIOT felt the same way, we’ve had local servers for a little while now and they’re getting behind the Aussie eSports scene in a big way with the OPL. This season has really opened my eyes in the quality of gaming that Australian gamers are now producing.

We’re 3 rounds into the season but already two teams are truly standing out. On the top of the ladder are CHIEFS … it’s hard to even know where to begin with how amazing this team has been. Nearly every game has been perfect, their lane phase, synergy and team cohesion are all superb. Any time an opposing team looks to counter, CHIEFS always seem one step ahead, it reminds me of how Samsung White were able to be so dominant at last years LoL Worlds.

Second on the ladder are Dire Wolves who seem to always be one step behind CHIEFS, and if not for that particular team, DW would easily be on top, showcasing similar levels of dominance that the CHIEFS are displaying.

The team to keep an eye on though, and this Authors key pick to be the giant slayers this years, are Avant Garde. Sure they’re coming fifth on the ladder but don’t let that result fool you just yet! Their biggest weakness is clearly the lane phase, their map awareness just isn’t as good as anyone in the top five and that hurts them in the opening ten or so minutes of each game. But where they truly shine is their teamwork, it’s amazing and exciting to watch! AV can behind in gold and still be the clear victors in those big team battles. It’s easily one of the biggest skills to possess in a game of LoL and AV clearly have a knack for it!

It’s still early days for this league and we’re seeing teams improve with each game played, it’s going to be a great battle between CHIEFS and DW for number one spot but AV’s meta game is improving so quickly they could easily be the dark horse of this OPL season!


Adam Rorke

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