Review Guide

Want to know why Player 2 gives a particular grade to a particular title? Well, you have come to the right place.

Player 2 Grading System

A+ – An excellent title that should not be missed by anyone. Not a perfect game but one of the best available and its excellence transcends genres. Reserved for the greatest of titles to cross our path.

A – An A rated game is a no-brainer for anyone who enjoys this genre. A game that excels in its chosen path and should be a consideration for Game of the Year Awards in its genre.

B – Just like in school, a B is likely to keep you and your parents happy. A good game with perhaps a few minor problems, plenty to enjoy and likely to be a title remembered fondly by its core audience.

C – It is a pass and that makes it perfectly acceptable. A C is not the best, but it certainly isn’t the worst. Likely to have a couple of problems that hold it back. A good time can still be had, but that recommendation comes with caveats.

D – Things aren’t so good here. A D means the game has some serious issues that are likely to hamper the enjoyment of all but a few. There are probably better examples of the genre out there to state your thirst, but if you are stuck, then it could be worth a purchase on a particularly good sale.

E – Probably not much here to save the day, perhaps some ideas that seem cool but aren’t realised or something inventive hidden in the gameplay, but really a game that scores an E is probably best avoided

F – Irredeemable. Reserved for the worst of the worst. You wouldn’t give a game with an F to your worst enemy. Avoid like the plague and if you happen to get given the title make sure you wash your hands with sanitizer after throwing it in the bin.