Player 2 at PAX Australia 2017

Player 2 at PAX Australia 2017

It is that time of year folks, time for the premier gaming expo in Australia to take us all to a wonderland of games and community. Triple A games sit next to Indie titles all on an even playing field in the PAX hall. As always Player 2 will be at PAX Australia in force. We will have interviews, previews and opinions to share and this is the place to find them. Catch all of P2’s PAX AUS coverage right here.

The Player 2 Podcast – PAX Australia 2017 Special


PAX Indie Showcase

Our interviews with the Indie Showcase winners for 2017

Forts - Tim Auld
Grabity - Steve Salmond and Moritz Schlitter
Grabity Logo
The Gardens Between - Matthew Clark
The Gardens Between Logo
Sky Noon - Chris Cullen
Sky Noon Logo
Projection - Michael Chu
Projection Logo
Virtually Impossible - Ming Tung
Virtually Impossible Logo

PAX Hands-on

Hand of Fate 2

Sea of Thieves

The Ubisoft Booth – The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5

Monster Hunter World

Spin Rhythm

Delving into Shadowverse

PAX Australia 2017 Games Roundup – Part 1

PAX 2017 Audio Interviews

Ken Lee tracked down some of the best developers in Australia for a series of audio interviews.

Fiend Legion - Andrew Lau
Another Indie - Iain Garner
Aura of Worlds - Anthony Liew
Mike Blackney - Dead Static Drive
Ticket to Earth - Nick Hagger
Roman Maksymyschyn – Hyper Jam

Player 2 Plays – PAX Special – Ticket to Earth

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