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Here you will find everything related to 2017’s E3 event. All the news, previews, trailers and opinions from your trusted Player 2 Crew. So join us for the ride that is E3.

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E3 2017 Hub

Player 2’s 2017 E3 Predictions

Editor’s Thoughts – 2017: The Quiet E3

E3 2017 Hub

E3 Conference Schedule (comeback after each conference for our summary articles)

*Please note all times are in AEST, you can join the Player 2 team during the conferences for a live-tweetathon, simply follow @player2au

Player 2’s E3 2017 Games of the Show

E3 2017 Hub

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E3 News

All the news from the show floor in a handy table format. 

Team 17’s E3 Lineup
El Presidente Returns
Hellblade Makes its Reappearance
Swords of Ditto Coming in 2018
Strange Brigade Looks Pretty Cool
Debut Gameplay Revealed for Outreach
Age of Empires Returns
Xcom 2 Announces New Expansion
Tropico 6 Confirmed and Unveiled
LawBreakers Gets Launch Date
Get a Closer Look at Three Ubisoft Titles
The Titles That Sony Didn’t Show

Alienware Shows Up to E3
Extinction Brings Giant Ogres to Gamers
DontNod Gives Vampyr a Release Window


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