Write for Player 2

Write for Player 2

Here at Player 2 we like video games, we like so much that we have written about them for nearly 8 years at our own cost. That passion has lead to exciting growth and change for Player 2, growth that allows us to announce that we are now accepting pitches for feature articles. What’s more is we have a budget now to pay for these articles. 

Do you have an idea that you want to explore and see published on Player 2? Awesome. Let us know about it by filling out the form below and the Player 2 Editorial team will look over it and get back to you. If your idea is something we want to see come to life we will pay you $50 (via Bank Transfer) for your words. But before you get started we feel it is best you know the rules in the interest of accountability and transparency. 

  • Feature Article Pitch should be 1 or two paragraphs explaining what your idea for an article is
  • Feature article should be 900 – 1800 words long (this is a loose guide)
  • You should include a short history of any writing you have already done with links. 
  • The article must be linked to video games. Tech, culture, development, whatever. As long as it is related to video games we are happy. 
  • Every pitch will be examined by the entire Editorial team of Player 2 (Matt Hewson, Paul James, Jess Zammit and Stephen del Prado) and must receive approval from at least two of these editors. 
  • Articles must not, in any way go against Player 2’s core value that gaming is for everyone. Any articles that belittle, demean or attack minority groups will not be printed or considered
  • Upon publishing $50 will be deposited to the bank (or PayPal) account of your choice, as nominated by an invoice. 
  • We really want to encourage those with a voice that represents a community that is seldom heard from in gaming. Women, members of the Queer communities, Aboriginal Australians and other minority representing Australians will be given extra consideration. 
  • You must be happy to have your work edited by the P2 Editorial Team and work with them on any requested revisions they may put to you. 
  • You must be from Australia or New Zealand 
All that ok with you? Excellent. Simply fill in the form below and we will be in contact to walk you through the process if you are successful. It is also worth noting that we do have a limited budget (money hey, it’s such a drag) so we won’t be able to accept everyone’s pitch (as much as we’d like to) and we may need to “turn off” accepting pitches occasionally until the bank fills itself again. 

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