Privacy Policy

Privacy in an important thing to many of us and in this day and age it is of even bigger concern. Sometimes things like tailored advertising seem a little too close to home and that creates understandable worry.

We are beginning to use third-party advertisements which will show ads in the sidebar of Player This is enabled by the use of a specific cookie that is used by Google, which is referred to as a DoubleClick cookie. If this is a problem, you are able to visit the Ads Setting page associated with your google account. Hopefully, these ads don’t sully your time here at Player 2 and if they do make sure to let us know.

Unfortunately with the cost of running a site such as Player 2 ads have become a necessity to keep the site running in a way that we are happy with. Please don’t hold them against us.

We are not collecting any data that can identify you. We do use raw numbers in association with Google analytics to get an idea of our demographics and audience to suitably tailor the site to our readers.

If you have any specific concerns about the data we may have on you, please get in touch.

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