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Welcome to Player2.net.au

So I see you have found your way to Player2.net.au and you want to know what we are all about. So let me tell you how we started and what we hope to achieve.

I came up with the idea for Player2.net.au after the editor of The Black Panel, my previous writing location, decided to shut up shop and escape to the Bahamas with a large case of cash and video games. Or perhaps he just ran out of time. Whatever the true reason The Black Panel closed its virtual doors and I was stuck left wondering who I would write for next.  My much better half suggested to me that I need not write for anyone and I should start my own venture so with her help Player2.net.au was born. Luckily for me a group of very talented writers that were also lost with the closure of The Black Panel decided to join me for the ride

So how did the name Player 2 come about? I hear you ask. Well the last article I wrote for The Black Panel was special to me for many reasons but mainly because it was about playing video games with my son. It was titled Welcome Player 2 and it told of my quest to create my own personal Player 2. So when I had to sit down and come up with a name Player2 was one of the options I had in the pile. The more I thought about the more I realised I wanted my site to become a de facto Player 2 for our readers and hopefully enhance their gaming experience just like my Player 2 did for me. So the name stuck

What sort of things will you be covering? Another good question. One of the things I liked most about the Black Panel was its focus on Original gaming IP and Australian developers and that is something I would like to carry forward. I plan to include plenty of features, interviews and reviews with this goal in mind. However that is not to say we won’t be covering anything else, in fact, if it is a game then I plan to cover it, just expect a little more on the homegrown and original IP side of things. As we grow we also plan to also include video content and run a regular twitch stream to spice up the page.

Who is Player 2 For? To put it simply, everyone and that is something we take very seriously. Player 2 is a moderated site and any comments that show disrespect in any shape or form will be deleted and the perpetrator blocked. Player 2 is a place that welcomes everyone regardless of race, religion or sexuality and anyone that behaves in a manner that is not consistent with that is not welcome.

Finally what are your plans going forward? Apart from World Domination I just want to make a site that people are happy to visit on a regular basis. I believe that high quality coverage and a willingness to have a little fun will make Player2.net.au a unique voice in the Australian gaming landscape.

So I hope you enjoy your time here at Player2.net.au and if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say hi please join in the conversation in the comments section or you can contact me directly.

Thanks for coming and once again Welcome to Player2.net.au

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