Friends of Player 2

The Australian games community is a wonderful place to be and we have so many good friends out there in the games media that we felt it was only fair that we shared the love. So here is a list of “Friends of Player 2.” Please take the time to visit them, it will be worth it I promise.

Hyper Australia – Player 2 and Hyper have quite the big connection. Matt, Matthew, James, Ken and Tim have all written for and/or appeared on the Hyper Pixelcast. It is one of Australia’s premier gaming mags so really you should check it out.

PC Powerplay – Once again a wide range of Player 2 writers have made an appearance in this PC dedicated gaming mag.

NFVGZ – A wonderful Youtube channel that has been put together by video game designer (and husband to our very own Stevie) Lance McDonald. On his channel, Lance takes his time to play games and avoids the ranting and yelling that is so common on Youtube these days.

HotdogWithSauce – The very cool Twitch channel run by the equally cool Krystal Nikolaou. Krystal is a Twitch certified streamer and brings an abundance of personality to her entertaining streams. – David Rayfield is an accomplished writer with years of experience in both the Video Game and Music industries. This is his personal blog and it is well worth a visit for his interesting, entertaining and inciteful takes on everything from video games to movies.

QueerlyRepresentMe – A wonderful database that highlights games that represent queer perspectives and feature queer content. It is a must use resource for those that are looking for diversity and representation in gaming.

The Popculturists – A personality-based pop culture and entertainment media outlet, with a focus on video games, movies, and pop culture. Some of our own Player2 talent have joined them for streams and episodes of For The Players

Press Start Australia – A cracking gaming website that serves up all the news you can handle. They are also the premier place for Aussies to go to get the scoop on the best games prices. Great site run by great folk!

Progress Bar – Led by Kochie (no not the jerk from morning TV) the Rocket League wonder kid, Progress Bar is another great Aussie site. Not only that but they have help Player 2’s charity events on many occasions so they deserve your clicks alright!

Make sure you check out all of these wonderful sites and while you are there tell them Player 2 sent you.