Player 2’s E3 2017 Game of The Show

Player 2’s E3 2017 Game of The Show

As we come to the end of another E3 we thought we would do the traditional “game of the show thing” but as it turns out, none of us could agree on one title. So in the name of keeping the peace, we asked each of our writers to name a game of the show and an honourable mention. Check out our winners below.

Matt Hewson

Game of the Show – Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Well, we all thought B J would make an appearance but we didn’t expect him to kick the door down and ram a hatchet into a Nazi in the process. How good does this game look? The Wolfenstein reboot from a couple of years ago was one of the best titles of that year and this looks to take that solid foundation and improve on it in every way. Plus we not only get to kill Nazi’s this time but Klan members too. It will be a blood-soaked Armageddon for white supremacists and I am totally down with that

Honourable Mention – Metro: Exodus

Jenn Christodoulou

Game of the Show – The Inpatient

I work in the VR industry so I was incredibly happy to see all the VR titles drop at this year’s E3. The one that made me particularly happy though was The Inpatient; set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, this eery VR title is looking very promising. Plus anything VR and horror themed I am so into… despite the fact it’ll probably give me nightmares for days. What’s that thing the kids say? Yolo? Well.. yeah. That.

Honourable Mention: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Glen Gugliotti

Game of the Show – Anthem

For me, Bioware’s new IP Anthem stole the show. Looking very Destiny-esq, it is an online co-op shooter that sees the player (or players) fighting with a variety of futuristic weapons in some wicked looking exo-suits. From the small amount of information I have on this, it looks like there might be more of a traditional RPG makeup to the character classes, with one of the players in the demo in some sort of “Hulk-buster” exo-suit, much different to the more nimble characters we are used to seeing in these games. ALSO, IT LOOKS AMAZING. Let’s hope it doesn’t suffer from Destiny’s “loot-cave-itis”.

Honourable Mention – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Paul James

Game of the Show – Days Gone

There were a “Big 4” of upcoming exclusives for the PS4, with Days Gone generally considered by many as the weakest among them, to the point where many forgot it in their calculations for the future. Days Gone did a lot to change the perspectives of both myself and the masses with an exceptional gameplay demo that showed depth, diversity and a dark, gritty tone. It’s quite possible that Days Gone isn’t the best of E3 2017, but given that E3 is an event designed to turn heads, Days Gone gets my vote because it did just that.

Honourable Mention – Anthem

Stevie Mcdonald

Game of the Show – Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Call me boring and predictable, but there’s just no question for me: Uncharted: Lost Legacy. I have been a faithful Uncharted fan since day dot and boarded the hype train early and enthusiastically for each instalment of the series. Now that Nathan Drake’s tenure is officially over, I am more than eager for any same-world games that will pack the fantastic storylines, tried-and-true gameplay, and gorgeous set pieces previous Uncharted games delivered – better still if they revolve around intriguing side characters like Chloe and Nadine.

Honourable Mention – A Way Out

Adam Rorke

Game of the Show – Dragonball FighterZ

I always felt the best surprises from the big shows are the ones you never see coming and believe me, NO ONE saw this one coming! Yes, there have been Dragonball Z fighters in the past, back in the day there were many mediocre 2D beat em ups and the more common 3D versions like Xenoverse seem to get released every year. Why is this one so different? Because it’s being created by Arc Systems, the very people behind the highly acclaimed Guilty Gear series. Now we have a game that looks amazing and had a gameplay style that puts the Marvel vs Capcom series to shame … and it’s only 20% complete! If that’s not the biggest middle finger to Capcom I don’t know what is!

Honourable Mention – Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Stephen del Prado

Game of the Show – Metro: Exodus

I loved both Metro: 2033 and its sequel, but the gameplay always felt like a very restricted version of STALKER, a series that saw its last entry in 2009 due to issues that saw developer GSC Game Worlds unable to produce a sequel. Given that Metro developer, 4A was founded by former GSC Game Worlds employees, the Metro franchise moving to an open world setting means it can finally feel like the STALKER spiritual successor that I’ve been craving for years.

Honourable Mention – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

So there you have it, the games that made Player 2’s writers sit up and take notice. Make sure you catch all of the cool games that were on the show and all of our coverage of E3 2017 in out handy E3 Hub. 


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