Bethesda E3 2015 Conference Wrap Up

As the E3 conferences come and go, here at Player2 we will be putting all the exciting news together in one simple article. This is your first point of call for info on the latest announcements that are happening during the E3 conferences. First up is Bethesda.

Bethesda E3 2015 Conference Wrap Up


Bethesda kicked their show off by jumping straight into Doom. They showed quite a bit of single player gameplay footage which seems, on the surface at least, to be very similar in feel to the original Doom games. Fast, gory combat is to be the order of the day. Looks like the type of gameplay found in Shadow Warrior and games of this ilk. The game does look stunning though. ID Tech 6 is an impressive bit of engine design.

Multiplayer was then teased with a short trailer. It is clear that Quake 3 arena will be the inspiration for Doom multiplayer. As this is a style of gameplay that has been under serviced for a while it is nice to see. It was a little hard to get a good indication of how it will all play out in the trailer though.

Perhaps the most impressive feature shown was Snapmap, the built in map and level creator. Snap map will be available on all versions of Doom and will allow sharing and creation of new levels for the game. It seemed to be a very slick editor that is sure to give Doom a massive boost as long as the community gets behind it.


Dishonored 2 was announced with a slick looking cinematic trailer. The biggest news here is that players will be able to choose from the original game’s Korvus and a brand new character named Emily Kaldwin. Emily was the focus of the trailer and it appears she has different powers to Korvus at her disposal. No release date was given but the game was confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In more Dishonored news a Definitive edition has been announced for later this year. Up-scaled graphics and all the DLC in one bundle for Xbox One and PS4. Nothing concrete on any further improvements but it is something for people who missed out on the original release to look out for.


This new online action game was shown briefly but not much in the way of information was leaked. There is an obvious TF2 feeling to this game so at the very least it should be a fun way to while away a few hours with friends.

The Elder Scrolls. 

Two bits of ES news came out in the conference. The first being that there is a whole bunch of new levels, characters and quests coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Not exactly surprising but certainly something fans of the game would like to hear.

The second bit of news is that there will be an Elder Scrolls CCG coming to iOS and Windows soon. Titled Elder Scrolls Legends it is clear that Bethesda are trying to capatalise on the success of Hearthstone and Gwent. The game will be free-to-play and out later this year.


So the real reason everyone was watching the Bethesda show was for more info on Fallout, and boy it didn’t disappoint. First off the bat we were shown the intro to the game which is set in pre-war times. The character customisation system was evident and it looks to be incredibly deep. It also confirmed that despite rumours to the contrary that there is a female player option. The player is also fully voiced for the first time which is also a nice touch. The trailer then fast forwarded 200 years to show the player leaving vault 111 as the only survivor. It is here that we got our first good look at post apocalypse Boston and boy it was impressive.

The next part of the presentation went on to highlight how deep customisation and crafting is in Fallout 4. All weapons and armour can be altered using scrap items found in the game world. It all looks super detailed yet easy to use so it should be a great system to play around with. The trailer also showed that players will have the ability to create their own settlement by creating buildings, power supplies and defences. The settlement can be defended in what seemed to be a tower defence style mini game from raiders and other nasty folks.

Also on show was the new PIP-BOY which has a much improved interface and built in games. A very Commander Keen touch and one that is more than a little cool. The collectors edition comes with a real life PIP BOY that allows players to plug in their Mobile Phones and use an app on it. Sure to sell out very quickly so you might want to pre-order now if that interests you.

Finally there was a nice montage of combat that showed things have improved greatly. VATS is of course back but the 3rd person and 1st person combat looks much improved. Not much in the way of detail in this part of the presentation but not much was needed. The big news however came straight after this video with the announcement that Fallout 4 will be released on the 10th of November 2015. That’s right in under 6 months time we will be all wandering the wasteland once again.

In the last bit of Fallout news a new Fallout mobile game was announced. Fallout Shelter sees players able to take control as the overseer of a Vault. The game borrows elements from X-com, Sim City and FTL and is free to play without any timers or need to be on the internet. What is even better that by time you read this it will probably already be available on the Apple App Store. Unfortunately there is no word on a Windows or Android release.

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