News Bites – Friday the 21st of August

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces.

News Bites – Friday the 21st of August

– After the first beta was a complete whitewash, Capcom have announced updated plans for Street Fighter 5. Starting today the beta will be rolled out, region by region, to stress test the servers and make sure everything runs a lot smoother. Europe is first on the list with other territories releases schedules dependent on what happens there. Hopefully keen fans will finally be able to get a match or two this weekend.


– J.J Abrams studio Bad Robot and Valve have gotten together to make a new game mode for Team Fortress 2. It is called Pass Time and combines the usual TF2 shenanigans with ball sports. Sound weird? Well for a better explanation check out the video below. It may be just the reason to install TF2 again.

– The legend that is Warren Spector has been announced as the keynote speaker at PAX AUS this year. Creator of classics such as Thief and Deus Ex will be giving a talk with the focus on “story time”. Just a reminder that PAX tickets are selling out fast so don’t delay if you are planning on attending.


Oscura: Lost Light has made it to mobile. After a successful run on PC the game has now been made available via the Apple App store. For more info on the game check out our previous coverage. It certainly seems like the perfect experience for mobile gaming.

– Cult strategy game Kerbal Space Program is coming to the Xbox One. Announced today, the kerbals will be bringing their desire to reach the stars to Microsoft’s big black box. Check out the announcement trailer and I am sure that any PC player will be able to tell you just how much fun this game can be.


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