Alpha Season Hits Unreal Tournament

Alpha Season Hits Unreal Tournament 

Back when I was growing up there was a divide in PC gaming that was legendary. Like all the great conflicts of history, two fiercely loyal groups would defend their beliefs with staunch determination that would brook no interference. That conflict was the Arena Shooter Wars of the late 90’s, otherwise know as Quake 3 vs Unreal Tournament. I was always on the side of Unreal and I would hear no man, woman or thing argue that Quake 3 was a better product.

So it is with much anticipation that I am downloading the newest Unreal Tournament as I write this very article. Epic has just released an Alpha season of the newest game in the franchise and the best news is that it is free. The game is being heavily influenced by community input and is encouraging people to mod and create their own levels that may one day be able to be purchased. The game is looking great so far and should be a blast for people that still have the twitch reflexes required to play this type of game.

So what are you waiting for, head over to the Unreal Tournament website, sign up for an Epic account and download the game for nix. Make sure you keep any eye out for me though because my Flak cannon and I will be hunting for you!

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