Go for Pro – Capcom Cup

Go for Pro – Capcom Cup 

Capcom Cup – 2015

Ladies and Gents, it’s all lead to this, the Capcom Cup 2015! With what is currently the biggest prize pool ever conceived for a fighting game tournament ($500,000), this is THE tournament you do not want to miss.

How does it work you may ask? Well over the course of the year, all Pro players have earned points on the Capcom Pro-Tour and either through that or winning specific tournaments, have qualified for a spot at this event. If you’re wondering what the standings are, wonder no more, just click here:

When is it? Well the dates say 5th and 6th of December, but do remember that for us Australian’s that means the 6th and 7th (yes sadly, that means the second day falls on a Monday). Now don’t worry too much if you can’t take the day off work because  they tend to re-broadcast these events as well as letting you view everything on their Twitch channel.

Go for Pro - Capcom Cup

Now for the interesting part, who are the favourites to take this thing out? If you ask anyone with a shred of knowledge on the FGC, all will tell you that anyone in the top 32 can beat anyone on any given day. But that’s no fun, so here are my picks for who to keep an eye on:

  1. Momochi – How can you ever count this guy out? Consistently speaking he’s been one of the very best players throughout the entire year. A Ken specialist, he’s shown domination in many tournaments against the best players in the world. We saw him have a hard time against Gamerbee’s Elena at EVO this year, but if the Asia Cup was anything to go by, he’s really figured this match out, dispatching him 3-0 with relative ease by using E. Ryu.
  1. Infiltration – Mr Street Fighter would be the better name for this guy. Players cannot counter pick this guy, why? Because he’ll play just about any character in the roster, and play them well! This has been apparent for a long time but it scared me at how crazy good he is at it when he beat Snake Eye’s Gief using Hugo in a Finals. I don’t know who he’ll main on the day, I just expect quality tech.
  1. Gamerbee – I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really liking his cautious / careful play style of Elena at EVO and other comps. Given the choice, I’d much rather sit down and watch him wreck face with his aggressive Adon, it’s truly a thing of beauty. But you can’t argue with results and they definitely speak for themselves. Keep an eye on his Elena early on, but maybe expect a move to Adon if things aren’t working for him.
  2. Daigo – He’s Daigo … nuff said. The Beast earned that nickname for a very good reason. On any day he can dominate any of the top players around the world. He’s been rather quiet lately and I a feeling he’s been purposely hiding tech to go out with a bang at this event.

So those are my picks, but my safety net is to say that any of them can have a bad day and come up short. It’s sure looking like an exciting day!

eSports catch up …


Smite is a great game, not merely being another MOBA clone of DOTA 2 or League of Legends, Smite donned the 3rd Person perspective and turned the genre completely on its head. Like all other’s in the genre, the skill gap goes deep and cohesive teamwork wins at the end of the day.

With a record prize pool for a single event held in Australia, a lot of eyes were on all the teams involved. But at the end of the day it was Team Avant Guard who took the grand prize and earned a spot to take it to the best that the rest of the world can throw at them!

Hingers at Good Game did a great round up on the day on his show ‘Well Played’ and you can view that right here:

Go for Pro - Capcom Cup

LoL Worlds

After a lengthy tournament it all came down to Koo Tigers and my personal favourite team T1 SKT! I shouldn’t say my favourite team, I should just say – ‘that team with my favourite player, Faker’.

SKT were completely dominating throughout the entire competition, reminiscent of Samsung White’s performance in 2014. And this was actually the song and dance we saw in the Grand Finals with SKT only dropping 1 game in the best of 5.

If you missed it and want to see Faker wreck face in one of the most popular games online, then go here and check it out:

Go for Pro - Capcom Cup

Canada Cup 2015

Fuudo and Tokido endured some on-point competition in a stacked tournament to eventually make their way to the Grand Finals in this prestigious event. Each player went blow for blow, round for round and no one knew who would walk away in the end.

It all came down to one last round, but it was Tokido’s moment and stole the final round in dominating fashion using his Akuma. Fuudo had many highlights of his own though, especially his match in dispatching Momochi and all can be viewed on the Capcom YouTube channel.

For the Grand Finals itself, you can go right here and check it out:

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