Editor’s Thoughts – Zelda Battles New RTS

The mind of our editor is a crazy place and sometimes it needs to be emptied. Thoughts flutter through the empty caverns of his mind that need to be placed on the virtual page. These ramblings are presented without context and perhaps a warning is required. Dive into the brain of the Editor at your own peril. 

Editor’s Thoughts – Zelda Battles New RTS

Nintendo drop kicking the Wii U

When news broke that the new Zelda game would be coming to both Wii U and Nintendo NX I really think that was the final nail in the coffin for the Wii U. Really Ninty should have let the Wii U have its last moment in the sun with a 12 month exclusive Zelda. It would have been a nice way to see out the under-utilised system and a welcome thank you to the fans that have stuck with it. Instead, there is every chance it will be a watered down version for the Wii U and the deluxe version for the NX forcing fans to upgrade ASAP. I guess it makes sense business wise but sometimes good will is more important than the mighty dollar and good will is something the house of Mario is a little short on right now.

Editor's Thoughts - Zelda Battles New RTS
To NX and Beyond!

Battleborn lost in the crowd.

Gearbox’s first new game in ages is out now and it is a lot of fun. I have been playing the Story missions and having a blast teaming up with people to take on some excellently designed missions. Think the “strikes” from Destiny but with a sense of humour. But I have a grave fear that this game will get lost in the crowd. With Uncharted, Doom and most importantly Overwatch all around the corner I fear this one won’t reach the number of players it probably deserves. Perhaps the game would have been better off being released in June/July when things were a bit quieter and it would have had a much easier time in finding its audience. Stay tuned to Player 2 for Paul’s review of this game soon.

Editor's Thoughts - Zelda Battles New RTS
Don’t miss this one folks, lots of fun to be had.

Don’t call it a comeback

With games like Act of Aggression and the Age of the Empires/Mythology HD remakes doing good business and yesterday’s announcement of Dawn of War 3 are we in for the humble RTS’s second coming? For years, most RTS fans have only had Starcraft to keep then happy but in the last 12 months or so there seems to be movement towards something of a renaissance for the genre. I guess E3 will be a real tell, a new Command and Conquer of Age of Empires announcement would really signal that base building and tank rushing is back. I for one would love to see that occur as the RTS genre holds some of my best gaming memories. Bring back Kane I say!

Editor's Thoughts - Zelda Battles New RTS
Could Kane make a comeback? I certainly hope so.

New Hardware, More Problems

With persistent rumours that both the Playstation and Xbox will be releasing improved hardware, I can’t help but worry about the problems it is going to create for developers. Developers are going to have to move from creating 1 or 2 versions of their games to up to for versions (excluding a PC version as well). There is no doubt that is going to create extra costs and probably delays in getting games to retail. Some developers (most likely PC devs) will be better suited to deal with this but I can imagine some console developers are going to have a problem with this. I could be proven wrong (and I hope I am) but I have a feeling that both MS and Sony are creating a potential headache for themselves by going down this route.

Editor's Thoughts - Zelda Battles New RTS
Will the Playstation 4.5 be more trouble than it is worth?

 Matt Hewson

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