The Weekly Wrap – The 11th of July 2016

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, a collection of all the articles that graced Player 2 during the past week. Catching up is now easy.

The Weekly Wrap - The 11th of July 2016

The Weekly Wrap – The 11th of July 2016

This week we had a wide variety of posts on Player 2 with something for everyone. Some of the highlights include a Tech Review of the Razer Turret, A review of the latest game from Playdead called Inside and a look at the Street Fighter V story mode. So take a break from Pokemon Go and check out all of the articles below and catch up on what you missed out on.

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Or you could just wait until next week’s “Weekly Wrap”…. your call really.

The Weekly Wrap - The 11th of July 2016

Patched - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It's About Inclusiveness in Gaming

The Sims 4
Tech Review - Razer Turret

Trrt 3
Blockbuster Gaming - Mighty No 9

Editor's Thoughts - Entitled VR and Red Dead Charities.

Inside - Review

inside featured
From Billboard Charts to Blasting Aliens

The Player 2 Marathon for Starlight

starlight 2
As Time Goes By - Street Fighter V


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