United Front Announce Smash + Grab

United Front Announce Smash + Grab

You might know United Front Games from their previous work on Modnation Racers or Sleeping Dogs, games not to be dismissed but the studio has today announced their next project. Smash + Grab is the studio’s first independent project and, is a 3v3 competitive gang stoush set in a dystopian future, where the opposing teams fight for loot, weapons and cold hard cash.

Combat is key, and players can shoot, smash and grapple their way to success, with the team who collects $50,000 worth of loot from nearby shops or from your deceased opponents being the victor. In a somewhat realistic setting, battles are bloody and visceral, with plenty of slit throats and violent kills present, as indicated in the game’s announcement trailer. Chain-saw Shovels and Poison Crossbows are just a few of things you can leverage to massacre your foes with more sure to be discovered at PAX West next weekend.

United Front Announce Smash + Grab
For those who are unable to attend the event (most of us), you’ll also be able to take a much closer look at Smash + Grab when the game hits Steam’s Early Access program this September. Instant fun and rewards have been promised, but we’ll need to wait a fortnight until we know more about the game.

For what little has been revealed of course check out the games trailer, and visit www.playsmashandgrab.com to sign up for the game’s upcoming beta release.

Paul James

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