Kickstarting a Third Trip into the Wasteland

Kickstarting a Third Trip into the Wasteland

As far as waiting for a sequel goes, the Wasteland series seems to have that sewn up. The original game, released in 1988, didn’t receive its first sequel until 2014. Thankfully it appears that fans won’t have to wait nearly as long for the third entry. Wasteland 3 has been up on crowdfunding platform Fig for a couple of days now and the game is almost at its $2750000 target. Yes, that is the correct amount of zeros, it appears fans are keen to see more.


The developers have promised some significant additions to the Wasteland formula for this entry. Base building, co-op play and vehicle combat are just some of the new features being touted. Also looking at the trailer and screenshots it would appear that development is a fair way along, which means this shouldn’t be another of those Kickstarters that take forever to get released (if at all.)

The second entry in the series was a wonderfully deep if overly challenging, isometric RPG that brought an old formula into the modern day with great success. Here’s hoping that the team can build on that solid foundation and become a breakout success with Wasteland 3.


If you are interested in backing Wasteland 3 you can head to the FIG page here. 

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