Player 2 Switches On

Player 2 Switches On

Ahh that new console smell is wafting through the streets as people take their shiny new systems home and get ready to enter the promised land of gaming joy. That’s right folks it is Switch day and just like a lot of you, we here at Player 2 are super excited. We’ve been cynical about it, talked about it and dissected it and now we just want to play it.

So I’ll bet you are wondering when our coverage will start. Well, we want to make sure we do it right so it will take us a few days before anything starts to show up on the site, after all, we are getting the console the same day as you. But we do have something special planned. Along with our usual reviews of any Switch titles we can get our hands on we are going to do a special Podcast with as many Switch owners as we can. Hopefully, that will give a wide range of opinions on the system and give our readers an informative and entertaining guide to Nintendo’s latest system.

Player 2 Switches On

We will also have some gameplay footage going up on the weekend (assuming Matt can get his capture card working), some unboxing videos courtesy of Paul as well as the odd opinion piece so you can rest assured your desire for all things Switch will be stated by the Player 2 crew.

So join us as we take the journey into a new console and see if the house of Mario still has what it takes to keep us smiling.


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