Go For Pro – IAMOPL

Go For Pro – IAMOPL


IAMOPL – Split 1 Grand Final Champions

Last Sunday we were treated with the League of Legends OPL Split 1 Grand Final. DireWovles (DW) and Legacy (LGC) went head to head to see who would take the crown and go on to compete in MSI!

DireWolves were the red hot favourites going into this battle, they were in great form and the fans (and maybe the other teams) knew it! Game 1 showed just why this was the case with DW’s squashing LGC from start to finish after LGC had a questionable bot lane pick, which I’m sure they later regretted as it really dictated how this match went.

The second game was much the same with an identical outcome, even with the better ADC / Support pick, LGC just didn’t have an answer for what K1NG and Destiny were throwing their way. The third game was surprising with DW’s choosing an odd meta choice and having LGC making them pay for it by out ganking them consistently the entire match and destroying the DW’s base in comfortable fashion which brought the Finals to 2:1.

The fourth game however, was every bit as Meta as you’d expect with both teams choosing fairly conservatively. It was a very slow start but DW’s never gave up an advantage and slowly, but surely took the match and the finals! If there was one area where DireWolves completely out-classed Legacy it was in the team battles. They simply knew when to go in and when not to. Often we’d see someone like Carbon try to initiate a fight for his team, only to have his team back out at the last moment and the frustration was clearly showing.

I’m sure we’ll see Legacy come back strong but I was extremely happy to finally see DireWolves take this one, they’ve looked very strong this year and I only see them going from strength to strength! It was a great Finals and you’d do yourself a favour to go and watch it, which you can do right here:



Global eSports Superstars coming to Sydney this May!

The longest running Global Pro-Gaming Tour in the world is coming to Australia this May in Sydney. World class CS:GO teams will be battling it out in Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on May 6th and 7th for a prize pool of $260,000!

If you like CS:GO competition and you live in the general area, then you probably don’t want to miss this opportunity, because quite frankly, Australia doesn’t get a lot of these and it’s great when it happens.

Head over to www.ticketek.com.au for more information and check out their announcement trailer here:

Until next time, may all your games be devoid of salt!

Adam Rorke

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