VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – Day 1

VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – Day 1

Day 1Day 7Day 14Day 21Day 28Day 31
Weight (KG)149.2148.5147.8146.8146.0145.5
Waist (cm)139136134130128127
Upper Thigh (cm)737173706865
Chest (cm)135132129127125125
Bicep (cm)444244434141
Resting Heart Rate (BPM)767978727171

Well it is time to start this all over again. Day one of the new me right? Well it was 34 degress today and the new me is bloody hot. That being said I feel good for starting and hopefully I can see this one through. As you can see by my stats above I am not really in the best shape. Funnily enough I am pretty close to what I was when I started the last VR vs Fat challenge so at least I will be able to get a good comparison.

For my first workout I took on FitXR, the follow on from BoxVR. BoxVR was a big part of my last challenge so it felt like a good place to start. I had a few problems though, it was missing a lot of my punches so I probably need to adjust to a new system rather than blame the hardware or software, at least not yet anyway. FitXR has also added dancing along with boxing, which I am absolutly terrible at but it was nice to try something new.

VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 - Day 1
The dreaded “before” photo

After 20 minutes or so of FitXR I switched games to Synth Riders, a great little rythym game that feels like it is somewhere between BoxVR and Beat Saber. It wasn’t as intense as FitXR but it was still enough work to make my arms ache and keep the rivers (and rivers) of sweat flowing. It is a funky little title that feels like a good way to finish a workout so it will probably make my regular playlist.

Speaking of playlist, the Oculus Quest 2 has so many more options when it comes to Fitness and VR so I am going to spend the week trying as many as I can and seeing which ones should become regulars and which ones just don’t suit me. I have quite the range to get through so it should be fun (and sweaty) to try them all out. Once I have worked out the best apps for me, I will make a regular fitness plan, incorporating the titles I want to use.

Finally the one thing I noticed that really helped things over the PSVR was the lack of wires. I bought FitXR on the Quest its self, so there is no need to plug my Quest into the computer at all. The lack of that long wire is a small but welcome change over the PSVR, so I will see how I feel after playing some of the apps I have installed on SteamVR. The headset fits my massive melon better too and I have less slipping of the headset when bouncing around like a muppet on ecstacy, another important plus.

VR Vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 - Day 1
Rivers of sweat… it’s gross.

So stay tuned this time next week for the first week check in and see how I have gone. In the meantime don’t forget about our Zero Latency VR competition. We are giving away a double pass to celelbrate the return of VR vs Fitness and Fat, so click here to enter!

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