IWOCON – Bringing Indies To A Computer Near You

IWOCON – Bringing Indies To Your Computer

In what has to be one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen, IWOCON is coming to a PC near you. What’s IWOCON, I hear you ask? Well, it is a very cool virtual convention built in Unreal 4 that will have viewers navigating various islands as a pirate on the hunt for new and exciting indie titles. Attendees can select an avatar for their high seas indie adventure and travel to multiple islands to explore virtual booths, watch trailers and basically get a large dose of hype for a slew of upcoming indie titles.

IWOCON - Bringing Indies To A Computer Near You

Here is a list of the cool features straight from the press release:

  • Stylized pirate-themed digital conference, built in the powerful Unreal Engine 4

  • Visit virtual booths from the comfort of your home

  • Gain access to hundreds of indie games’ media, storefronts, social media and more

  • Visit booths to enter amazing giveaways

  • Attend in 3rd or 1st person with a stylized pirate avatar of choice

  • Enjoy fun side activities and mini-games including pirate ship sailing, cannon firing, a metal concert and more

  • Download an accompanying FREE Pirate Themed soundtrack DLC on Steam from various musicians

  • Attend live streams and presentations between March 26th and April 2nd

  • All available for FREE

IWOCON - Bringing Indies To A Computer Near You

Honestly, if that doesn’t sound like an amazing idea to you, I feel like you may not actually be alive. The even cooler thing, all this has been done with volunteers. The coding, promo, music, the works. It has come about simply because some cool folks have a passion for independently developed video games. The conference is running now until the 2nd of April and you can check out the schedule here: 

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