It’s Time to Start Over in Tera Nil

It’s Time to Start Over in Tera Nil

City-building “civ” games would have you expand and exploit the natural resources around you to reach victory. But imagine if a game turned that concept entirely on its head, and your actions regenerated and rejuvenated the world instead? Instead of logging forests and strip-mining, you are re-introducing fresh water to parched land, and bringing life back into the wild.

It's Time to Start Over in Tera Nil

Imagine if your actions had a net positive impact on the world around you. That is why I am so enamoured by Terra Nil, a new game from developers Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital.

It will not be long before everyone can give this game a go too. Because an all-new demo will be available from 16 June 2021, as part of the Steam Next Fest.

It's Time to Start Over in Tera Nil

Keep a close eye on Terra Nil and jump onto that demo the very moment it is available. I definitely will be. Full press release below:


Eco-warriors Free Lives (Broforce) and recycled publisher Devolver Digital have announced Terra Nil, a reverse city builder about ecosystem restoration, coming to PC on a distant, as-yet-unspecified date in the post-apocalyptic future. Eager ecologists can begin restoring the planet to its natural glory in an all-new Terra Nil demo, available from June 16th as part of Steam Next Fest.

Terra Nil presents players with a task of global environmental rejuvenation. The open-ended strategy progresses through multiple stages of restoration, including cultivating biodiversity, fixing the climate and even recycling the buildings players used to get there. Traverse the planet, restoring different geographical regions, each with their own unique challenges, flora, and fauna.

Navigate sprawling, procedurally generated maps with lush hand-painted environments where everything but the rocks move and breathe. Restore the world’s climate, with unique weather patterns for different regions and a beautiful and meditative reactive soundtrack and audio palette.

Visit for more information.

It's Time to Start Over in Tera Nil

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