NBA 2K22 Unveils New MyTEAM Features

NBA 2K22 Unveils New MyTEAM Features

As we get closer and closer to the newest edition in the NBA 2K franchise we are getting inundated with new trailers showing off new features and selling points. Today’s trailer is focused on the popular MyTeam mode and all the new things it is bringing to the party.

It seems like quite a bit has gone into this year’s updates. From the PR release, we can see updates include:

  • MyTEAM Draft: Offers a new multiplayer mode where players pick a full lineup of Player Cards. Every Draft will net players a guaranteed League Pack and at least a single pick on a Draft-exclusive Ascension;
  • Triple Threat Online: The 100 is a new take on the 3-on-3 mode where great defence earns players even more rewards;
  • Season 1: Call to Ball: Earn new Seasonal Player Reward Cards, such as a Kobe Bryant 93-rated Free Agent card that will lead players’ starting lineups or reach Level 40 to gain a Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony;
  • Community Logos: Players who have received in-game verification will now have their logos appear next to their usernames in MyTEAM, with opportunities for players to gain this recognition throughout the year as chosen by the NBA 2K Community Team;
  • New challenges, agendas, rewards, events, and more player & team customization throughout the year.

In all a tasty set of upgrades for fans of the franchise. You can read more about these changes in the latest Courtside Report put out by the development team. Or you could just wait and check out the full game when it releases on the 10th of September.

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