Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection – Remastering Masterpieces

Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection - Remastering Masterpieces

It has been close to 5.5 and 4.5 years respectively since Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy first graced the PlayStation 4. With each successive launch, the PS4 would add another bonafide classic to its library, and now owners of the PS5, whether they are returning fans from the PS4, or first timers, get the opportunity to experience two classics remastered for a new generation, looking better than ever before. There’s no need to hide opinions here, Nathan Drake, and Chloe Frazer’s most recent adventures have never looked and played better than they do in 2022.

The Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection bundles up the two new-release PS4 titles and applies the most exceptional levels of love to them. The duo of titles come with all the modern bells-and-whistles, that only the PS5 can provide – Fidelity and Performance modes, a Performance+ (120FPS) mode for those with the TV for it, 3D Audio, lightning fast load times, and Dualsense functionality that is felt with almost every action the player makes, from walking, to punching, and most notably when on a mode of transport. Through the thorough utilisation of these next-gen upgrades, both Uncharted 4, and The Lost Legacy, transform from titles that already looked ahead of their time on the PS4, into titles that look so far ahead of their time on even newer hardware. Naughty Dog had already done an exceptional job of making the titles buttery smooth on the PS4, but the upgrades that the games have been afforded here, make the last-gen versions look rough in comparison, most notably the 60FPS (or beyond) update which makes that buttery smooth PS4 version, into something that melts in your hands on the PS5. The detailing of the brothers Drake, Chloe, Nadine and the other core cast is astounding, while the environments strike the eyes like few games have ever done. If you’re looking for cinematic beauty, you’ll not find a more stunningly designed, and wonderfully realised game than these two on the PS5. That is not to say that everything is perfect. Small moments that have clearly slipped through the cracks where minors things like Chloe’s necklace passing in and out of her collarbone will be spotted under the microscope, but these hiccups are incredibly few and far between.

Of course the Uncharted titles have always been known for their beauty, but it’s the Naughty Dog scenario writing, witty, charming, and often endearing character dialogue, that often steals the show, and despite the games each being close to half a decade old, the twists turns, punchlines and heartwarming moments still resonate as strongly now as they did upon their initial release. With Uncharted 4 being Nathan Drake’s final send-off (we presume still to this day), the suite of your favourites all make an appearance, while new additions such as Sam Drake, Nadine, and Rafe all slot into the dynamic as protagonists and antagonists seamlessly. Meanwhile, on the Lost Legacy side, it’s still incredibly impressive to this day that Chloe can command such an impressive on-screen presence as the lead protagonist. Chloe’s growth from being a sexual temptation, and bad influence for Drake in Uncharted 2, to the starring role in The Lost Legacy is mighty, and her pairing with Nadine makes for one of the greatest character pairings bewitched by the future prospects of all characters.

The Legacy of Thieves Collection is a purely audio/visual remaster, so in terms of moment-to-moment gameplay, there aren’t any changes of significance to note, aside front eh aforementioned Dualsense functionality, which, while not game-changing in any huge way, does add a little more immersion as opposed to the simple rumble features of the Dualshock 4. It’s the feeling of every footstep you take, big or small pulsing through the lower parts of the controller, the resistance of the triggers when rope swinging, and much more, that adds an extra 1% to the already superb experience. Beyond all of this, it’s the Uncharted PS4 titles that you know and love, in their purest form with a gorgeous new coat of paint on them to make them shine that bit brighter.

For fans old and new, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy were already must-play PS4 titles, but with the little bit of extra TLC they’ve been given here, they become must-play PS5 titles as well as a part of the Legacy Of Thieves Collection. In terms of presentation the franchise has never looked better than it does in 2022, it has never played as well as it does in 2022, and it resonates as strongly as it did in 2016/17. There could have been a few extra bells and whistles tossed in for the returning fan to enjoy, but with the caliber of what you’re getting, it’s hard to complain too much. We don’t know what future the Uncharted franchise has ahead of it, but one thing is for sure, if I were Nathan Drake or Choe Frazer, i’d be picking this treasure up.

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