505 Games Spring Showcase – Trolls and Roles

505 Games Spring Showcase – Trolls and Roles

Earlier today 505 Games held their very first ‘digital showcase’ promoting some upcoming and recently released titles from their stable. Representing a diverse array of developers and genres, there’s surely something among these titles to catch your eye.

Among The Trolls

From Finnish developer Forbidden Studios, Among The Trolls is fresh take on the heavily populated FPS Survival genre set in the forests of Finland. Incorporating elements of Finnish folklore and similar beliefs worldwide such as the Japanese Shinto religion showcased in films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away, Among The Trolls sees players balance what they take from the forest with offerings to quell the spirits who call it home. Entering Steam Early Access later this year, Among The Trolls looks to be an atmospheric experience in a pristine setting.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Acting as a prequel for the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, this Action-RPG comes from the makers of the oft-venerated Suikoden series. Better still, it’s already available to purchase across a range of platforms, including PS4, PS5, XBO, XBSX, PC and the Nintendo Switch. You can see it in action for yourself thanks to Paul’s recent P2 Plays Episode.

Miasma Chronicles
From the creators of Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenMiasma Chronicle is a tactical adventure game which gives off very strong Returnal vibes, at least aesthetically. By utilising a glove left to him by his mother, he hopes to rescue her from the other side of a foreboding gate, no doubt connected to the titular ‘Miasma’ force that grips this ‘post-apocalytic wasteland’. Very intriguing and hopefully not too long before more is revealed. Miasma Chronicles is currently scheduled for a 2023 release on PS5, XBSX and PC

Stray Blade
Billed as “an Action RPG in which you will experience a hyper-responsive combat system and epic boss fights”, Stray Blade appears to draw inspiration from the many medieval, dark yet soulful fantasy titles of the past decade, albeit with a much more colourful palette akin to Immortals: Fenyx Rising or Kingdoms of Amalur. Targeting the PS5, XBSX and PC, Stray Blade is set to release in 2023.

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