Devolver’s Countdown To Marketing Was A Banger

Devolver's Countdown To Marketing Was A Banger

It shouldn’t shock anyone by now, but Devolver Digital’s show was, once again, weird. Weird in a way that made me smile for the whole show. From Nina’s continually evolving persona to Mecha Suda-51, it was a stupid, stupid ball of fun. You should watch it, no seriously. But I am not here to talk about cheesy acting and merging the gaming singularity. I am here to talk about games.

Do you know what? Devolver’s 20-minute show had more bangers than the entirety of Summer Game Fest. Every single title looked terrific and two of them, Cult of the Lamb and The Plucky Squire are Aussie made. So I am just going to let the trailers do the talking, so make sure you watch them if you can’t be bothered with Suda-51 being given the power to save the gaming universe. But really… you should let Mecha Suda-51 into your heart. Nina did. 

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