Player 2 Predictions – Summer Game Fest 2022

It is the crazy time of year again, the time when game publishers put on their trendy video game t-shirts and try to convince the world that their upcoming slate of titles is going to change history. But this year is a bit different, with no E3 things are somewhat quieter than usual. Thankfully there are still a few big shows to keep the hype levels up and as is tradition at P2, we are going to make some wild predictions about what is going to be shown. First up, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest 2022. 

Player 2 Predictions - Summer Game Fest 2022

Paul James

Safe Bet - Marvel's Midnight Sons

At one stage, Marvel’s Midnight Suns was supposed to be coming out early this year, then it was delayed until later in the year. More recently though the Aussie ratings board gave the game a rating, something that usually doesn’t happen until you’re in the final stages of polish. That bodes well for a decent showing along with a new release date this wintertime. Geoff’s event would be an awesome stage for it since he’s pretty keen on leveraging the biggest licences possible, and what’s bigger than Marvel these days?

Fairly Likely - God of War: Ragnarok

I’m certain that God of War: Ragnarok is coming out this year, the only catch is, I’m not too sure when the official announcement is coming. Even this week we’re seeing a PlayStation State Of Play, that doesn’t officially rule out first party titles, but also declares its focus on PSVR 2 and Third Party software, so maybe they show it there, maybe they leave it for Geoff, maybe they drop it in a bigger First Party Showcase to come in a month. The viable window to announce the game from this point is pretty brief so expect it soon, and I reckon Geoff has won Sony over to make his event the home of God Of War: Ragnarok’s next showing, and the site of the release date reveal.

Wishful Thinking - Hollow Knight: Silksong

For quite some time I, along with many desperate others, have gotten excited with every Nintendo Indie World presentation hoping that Team Cherry and Hollow Knight: Silksong would return, hopefully with a release date. What I’ve come to believe more recently though is that Silksong is now too big for a simple Indie World showcase. Not to be degrading to the other titles, but Hollow Knight exists at a much higher level of atmosphere than most indies do, and that makes Summer Game Fest, alongside countless AAA titles the perfect spot for it. It’s still wishful thinking for it to be there because our hopes have been dashed time and time again, but as they say in X-Files “I want to believe”

Stephen del Prado

Safe Bet - Trailers for Days

It’s no secret old Geoff is a big hype-man, pumping up crowds with his awards ceremonies littered with trailers designed to make gamers salivate without questioning how much of the final product is represented in these videos. Freed from the time-wasting shackles of awards and acceptance speeches, there is sure to be plenty of time for corporate sponsor spots and more trailers than a Jayco lot.

Fairly Likely - 2 Death 2 Stranding

The rumblings about a sequel to Kojima Productions unique walking sim have been underway for a short while now, and given their strong relationship it would come as no shock to see Kojima appear at Geoff’s event to make such an announcement. Death Stranding didn’t manage to hold my attention in the long run, but I’m always willing to give Kojima a chance based on his previous output and distinct approach to development.

Wishful Thinking - 2022 Release Dates

Call me cynical, but it really feels like there’s little commitment to releases later this year, with many big titles potentially slipping to 2023 at a moment’s notice. I’d really love to have some concrete dates for games and even better, the classic “AND IT’S AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW’ move pulled at least once during the show. Make it happen Geoff, I’m begging you!

Shaun Nicholls

Safe Bet - Ark 2

I can guarantee we will see information on the sequel to the notoriously challenging and yet wildly fun dinosaur taming game. Why am I so sure? Well, the Twitter account states clear as day that it will be part of the Summer Games Fest so it is really a no brainer. We will probably get a better look at the new and improved game world and, hopefully, some more information on why we are seeing Vin Diesel wrapped in furs. Does this mean there will be more to the storyline than just figuring everything out yourself? We will find out soon.

Fairly Likely - Dragon Age 4

While EA is not having their own show this year that doesn’t mean we won’t see something from them. They may not have a lot to currently show but we do know that Dragon Age 4 has been in development for quite a while now, and with rumours of a planned 2023 release, this would be a great chance to show off some of the game and start building up the hype. I for one am looking forward to jumping back into the world of Thedas and both romancing and accosting numerous NPCs for hours on end.

Wishful Thinking - Diablo 4 Releasing in 2022

If there is one thing that fans of Diablo want it is a release date. Development of Diablo 4 was a poorly kept secret however since then there has been a steady drip-feed of info on the development of the game. What has been sorely lacking in these info drops is a release date or even a release window at all. Given that Blizzard does take their time with developing games (and the workplace issues that Blizzard Activision have to get on top of) I do not expect to find out much at all, but hey a release date would be swell.

Matt Hewson

Safe Bet - Modern Warfare 2

We know it is coming and we know it needs to be a cracker after Vanguard landed with a thud. I expect the next entry in the never-ending Call of Duty franchise to be of higher quality considering it is under the watchful eye of Infinity Ward and I expect Activision to begin the PR blitz at Geoff’s big shindig.

I know they usually show off these games at Sony events but due to the impending deal with Xbox and the fact there is nothing scheduled (that we know about) for Sony I feel that Activision will appreciate the neutral ground that Summer Game Fest offers.  Expect a story teaser trailer and perhaps some alpha multiplayer footage. 

Fairly Likely - Saints Row

Look, I have to be honest, The Third Streets Saints making an appearance at this show seems to be a fairly safe bet as well. In fact, I think the only way this game doesn’t show up is if Deep Silver has entered into an advertising agreement with Xbox for it to appear at their show. 

All that said, I am lucky enough to have seen a good chunk of the game already and personally, I can’t see why “fans” are hating on it so much. It certainly looks like Saints Row to a man who has reviewed all of the SR games bar the first one. But hey, maybe I am just old and don’t get it?

Wishful Thinking - Mortal Kombat 12

Is Mortal Kombat 12 coming? Undoubtedly. But the question is when Netherealm will actually show it to the public. I think that perhaps this show is a little too early but not an impossibility. Ed Boon and Co have used Geoff’s events to make announcements in the past so there is a chance. That said, I would expect the Video Game Awards to be the more likely event for an MK announcement.

Regardless, the time is right for the best single-player one-on-one fighter to make a triumphant return. I desperately want to know what is happening now Lui Kang is the god of all time and space, Shang Tsung has been obliterated and whether or not Scorpion and Sub Zero have started up an R’n’B group called Fire n Ice.

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