Nanoleaf Lines Squared – Let It Glow

Nanoleaf Lines Squared - Let It Glow

I have long been an admirer of Nanoleaf’s unique lighting systems, so was beyond excited to get to check out their latest line of glowy additions – the sleek Nanoleaf Lines Squared. While they’re perhaps best known for their geometrically shaped panels, with this collection they make things more linear, allowing for patterns to be created that cleanly fit around doorways or bookcases, while also allowing you to create your own cool statement wall designs. They can also integrate with existing patterns of Nanoleaf panels to create layered designs that look pretty great, if you’re someone who wants to utilise the whole Nanoleaf family!

It's Hip to Be Square

While you can take advantage of the clean 90º angles that the lines allow to more squarely fit around doorways or frame objects, they can also be used to create some pretty awesome designs. The starter kit comes with some suggestions for shapes, and there are more on the Nanoleaf website, so you can play around with ideas before you commit to assembling a physical shape. Of course, if you’d prefer to see your creation in real life, the lines can easily be swapped, assembled and disassembled before you put them on the wall, and unless you are a way more decisive person than me or you go into this with a grand vision, you will play with a million ideas before you settle on one. 

The base starter kit only comes with the 90º connectors (because, Squared), but if you really want to play with angles then you can also use the 60º connectors from the regular Lines line and integrate them into this setup. For example, if you had these connectors, you could do what I deeply wanted to do and make the Triforce, and have an illuminated rainbow Triforce on your wall. And honestly, for whom is that not the dream? 

The lines are super light, so easy to put together, and super versatile. If I could, I’d cover a whole wall with them (and they’re modular, so if I want to buy more in the future, I can totally integrate them into the current setup).

Light 'Em Up

Each Lines Squared panel has two zones that can be customised individually to display a static colour, or you can choose to have a little more motion in your display. Once you sync your Lines to the app, it will automatically detect the shape you’ve arranged them into, and it will organise its patterns accordingly so that you can assign colour exactly where you want it to be without the guesswork. The app comes with a bunch of preset colours and themes that you can use or simply take inspiration from for your own creations, but they’re all customisable too. Colours can be chosen from a full colour wheel, and you can dim or raise the brightness of your lights to follow your pastel dreams, or get a full vibrant effect. 

For a more dynamic experience, you can also set up the lights to mirror your TV or PC screen, follow the rhythm of your music, or react to voice commands (which is very effective in helping you to make a dramatic entrance into any room). Some of the preset patterns can be a bit intense, particularly if they’re reacting to music, but there are plenty that are a little more lowkey – and tons that you can download using the app. Personally, I had fun using the customisable zones to create the most relaxing cycling rainbow I could manage, but you’ll find your own setup to suit your needs. You can also use the app to create schedules for each set of lights, if you want a more automated experience.

You're In Control

The Lines Squared, just like Nanoleaf’s other ranges, can be customised using a mobile or desktop app, but will also communicate with other smart home technology like Google Home, Alexa, or software like Razer Synapse. I have found the mobile app – on Android at least – to be a little temperamental, but in terms of actual interaction it’s pretty straightforward to mess around with different settings until you’re happy with your designs. Actually connecting the lights was even easier – they use the Thread mesh network to connect to relevant devices, and to do that all you need to do is make sure they’re on the same wi-fi network as your device for setup, and then they’re good to go. You can scan a QR code to recognise the device, and then set it up in your phone with its own name for easy identification of devices and their locations – which is particularly helpful if you want to have sets of these lights in multiple rooms. 

With a 4 pack starter kit priced at $299.99 AUD and 3 pack expansion kits costing $99.99 each, the Nanoleaf Lines Squared range isn’t exactly cheap – but no smart lighting system is. None of the good ones, anyway, and the quality and functionality here is top of the range. The panels look stylish even when powered off, are easy to customise, and vividly illuminate any room in whatever way you choose, and I would happily put them in every room in my house. 

If you’re keen on grabbing some Lines Squared of your own, you can get them from the Nanoleaf website, and where you can still get them delivered before Christmas (depending on where you are)!

Player 2 were provided with a set of these lights for review purposes. 

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