Not a Hero coming soon

The next project from roll7 the crew that brought you the fiendishly addictive OlliOlli is entitled Not a Hero and it is looking like a good bit of 2d fun. Martin Robinson, who worked on the game, described it as “A 2d Vanquish with Hipster Bounce”. That description is sure to get a few people to keep a close eye on this one.

Not a Hero has even decided to have a little fun at the whole Molyneux-Godus story from last week and made Bryan Henderson, the poor chap who is yet to reach Godhood in Godus as promised, a deity in Not a Hero instead. He quite possibly got the better end of the stick in this instance.

What is even better news is that the game has a release date. Not a Hero will be coming to PC on the 7th of May this year, with PS4 and Vita versions coming out later in 2015. This certainly looks to be an Indie game to keep an eye on. You can check out the trailer below if this sounds like it tickles your fancy.

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