Grinding with Tony Again

Grinding with Tony Again

After a period of time where Activision pretty much only had Call of Duty and Skylanders as their main source of income they have finally started announcing more games. But fear not people, Activision is staying true to their franchise everything ethos and isn’t coming up with new games, just new versions of old ones.

Firstly they announced Guitar Hero Live a few weeks ago and now they have confirmed the worst kept secret in gaming. Tony Hawk is once again shredding onto consoles. Perhaps the surprising thing is that the game will be call Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 and not Tony Hawk “Jackass Stunts Super Extreme” Skater or some such. Hopefully this signifies a return to the gameplay of old and the exclusion of the MTV garbage that wheedled its way into the series in later entries.

The game is being developed by Robomondo, the same mob that did the Tony Hawk HD remake a few years ago so they at least know their way around a virtual skateboard. The game is scheduled this year for current gen systems and a little later for the 360 and PS3. No word on a PC version yet Will Tony Hawk once again be a name used to talk about quality gaming experiences? We can only hope people, we can only hope.


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