GOG has Steam in its sights

GOG has Steam in its sights

GOG (or Good Old Games for those that have been round for a while) is continuing to make moves to become a serious player in the PC gaming space with it’s own desktop client. The client features all the things your would expect from a client. Easy access to your game collection, friends lists, achievements and much more. The added bonus to the GOG client, which is called Galaxy, is that you can crossplay with Steam. Also in keeping with the company’s DRM free policy every game on your list can be downloaded as a DRM free installer that can be copied to as many systems as you like.

Galaxy is in open beta right now and you can check it out by heading to GOG and signing up. Sure when you add it to Steam, Origin and uPlay it may just seem like another program that will slow down your windows start up process but looking at the features on offer and the history of GOG gives gamers everywhere confidence that program will be worth the sacrifice.

Check out some of the features in the video below and head to GOG for more info.

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