Inafune is a Busy Man

Inafune is a Busy Man

You would think with Mighty No 9 coming this year and the recently announced ReCore that Kenji Inafune would have enough on his plate. Fortunately for gamers that is not the case as his studio has announced a new kickstarter for a game called Red Ash: The Incredible Legend, an action 3rd Person RPG that will be developed alongside an Anime production.

Red Ash takes place in a world where humans are almost extinct as a result of a large-scale robot world war. Class structure has been enforced with a massive divide and many of the surviving humans hunt feral robots for the technology they offer. The story of Red Ash: Indelible Legend focuses on Beck, Tyger, Call, and Gofer, four characters who make their livelihood by obtaining this same Lost Technology.

If this sounds like something you could get into head on over to the Kickstarter to find out more. It certainly sounds like an interesting project and with Inafune’s many fans there is a very good chance that its $800000 goal will be met.

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