News Bites – Friday the 28th of August

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces.

News Bites – Friday the 28th of August 

– Street Fighter 5 welcomed a new combatant to the ring with the introduction of R Mika, a Russian wrestler who’s only other Street Fighter appearance was in the excellent Street Fighter Alpha 3 (still my favourite.) She….umm… has a unique look to say the least. Check out her moves in the video below.

– EB Games today announced the second lot of titles that will be appearing at EB Expo 2015. Joining already announced titles like Halo 5 and Battlefront will be big names like Star Fox Zero, Need for Speed and Quantum Break. For the full list click on the picture to head over to the EB Expo site. (Player2 will be at the expo giving those who can’t make it a heads up on all things new and exciting!)


– In a little over 12 hours Divinity Original Sin 2 has reached its goal of $500 000 on Kickstarter. With the the first game coming to consoles later this year and now the sequel confirmed it seems that the market for classic isometric RPG’s is not diminishing. The Sequel promises to bring 4 player co-op and advanced RPG mechanics to what is already an awesome game.


– Yesterday BossKey studios took the lid of their highly anticipated new game. Lawbreakers is the title and it is a squad based shooter set in a world with altering gravity conditions. This is first game that Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has had a hand in since leaving Epic a few years ago. The first teaser trailer is below.

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