Lawbreakers Alpha Coming Soon

Lawbreakers Alpha Coming Soon

It’s time to add your name to the list of players champing at the bit to get into Cliff Blezinski’s latest work with registrations now open for players wanting to participate in Alpha testing for Bosskey Studios’ Lawbreakers. Right now you can visit and express your interest in joining the action of the Lawbreakers alpha.

Lawbreakers is an FPS where even the laws of physics can be tampered with, which in turn creates “intense gravity-based combat and resulting in an ever-evolving and bloody arena.” Set in a futuristic rebuilt America you can choose to be on the side of nobility and the “law” or be a “breaker”, someone who doesn’t relent in their quest for bloodshed. You’ll duke it out on the shores of the Santa Monica coast, over the great depths of the Grand Canyon, and the nearly unrecognisable Mount Rushmore. Check out the exciting action of Lawbreakers in the trailer below

Bosskey recently revealed that they were forgoing their original plan of building the game around micro-transactions, in favour of a more traditional monetization plan, but on top of this revealed that the game would be playable for all those who were attending PAX East in Boston this weekend.

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