Stories from the Universe: Leaving Our Mark

Come on a journey through the stars and planets of No Man’s Sky. Welcome to Player 2’s Stories from the Universe. 

Stories from the Universe: Leaving Our Mark

As a crew, we set out to see the stars and chart the uncharted. We left as a team to tackle the seemingly endless universe and capture all there is to see. We all had our reasons for joining the expedition. Some wanted to experience the thrill of discovery, some wanted to study the plant life, some felt compelled by a lost loved one and others still wanted to make discoveries in the name of science. We were a diverse crew with diverse reasons behind our involvement but that very diversity gave us all a unique view on a divisive experience.

As Captain of this journey, I watched with great pride, from my spot at the helm, as this crew of varied personality and vision went about their business as pioneers and explorers. I watched in amazement as one of my crew identified common characteristics of flora across planets. I was humbled when one expedition member made an amazing personal discovery which forced her to reflect on her everyday life at home. I even helped one crew member who suffered a slight case of depression after the initial excitement of the journey wore off. These wonderful people that came with me on this journey have taught me more than any discoveries I could ever make among the stars and I cannot thank them enough for that.

Stories from the Universe: Leaving Our Mark

My own personal journey was one of both delight and frustration. There were times when I wanted to give up, to just return home and forget about it all. But at other times I was in a state of rapture as wandered through this great big universe. I experienced disappointment, wonder, shock, awe and every emotion in between. I fought floating robots, discovered new species and swam in alien oceans. I feel I managed to taste every item this universe had to offer and despite feeling like my time as an explorer is coming to a close I wouldn’t change a single second of my time as the Captain of the P2 crew.

As for my wonderful crew, well some have decided to stay on, exploring every planet, asteroid and space station they come across, while others have decided to return with me, bringing with them nothing but fond memories and a feeling of being a part of something larger than themselves.

Stories from the Universe: Leaving Our Mark

As I write this, returning home after a long absence, I feel it is time to let my crew know of a surprise. A little thanks from me to them, to let them know how much It has meant to me to have them join me on this journey. It is a commonly held tradition that dates back to the earliest explorers on Earth that the Captain of the ship that discovers a new location has the honor of naming it. So I decided to share that honor by naming each and every planet we discovered after a member of my crew. It isn’t much, but it is a gift that will hopefully last a lifetime.

So if one day if another explorer happens to come across the small green planet of Esseteric, the large brown mass of BarryMcBruce or the hostile yet stunning D_P_Burns they will know that these planets were named after a crew that was unique, loyal and supremely talented. It was my honor and privilege to serve as their Captain and I wish them well with whatever the Universe has in store for them.

Stories from the Universe: Leaving Our Mark

Matthew James Hewson

Captain of the starship P2

Signing off.

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