Stories from the Universe: Player 2 explores No Man’s Sky

Stories from the Universe: Player 2 explores No Man’s Sky

Occasionally a game comes along that defies a conventional review. These games are so different from the norm that reviewing them in a traditional way would be doing both the game and our readers an injustice. No Man’s Sky is one such game. Its scope and ambition are just too much for any one writer to tackle so here at Player 2 we thought we would take a different approach.

Starting tomorrow many of our writers are going to share their experiences from the game. Their brief was to simply tell a tale from the No Man’s Sky universe. There was no further guidance than that. As a result, our very talented writing group have come up with some unique stories, views and opinions on what is almost certainly going to be a divisive game.


So tune on Monday the 15th of August for the first story. As they are posted this page will be updated to include a link to each one so make sure you check back here during the week to see what the Player 2 crew discovered, named, fought and flew in No Man’s Sky.

All The Plants Kind of Look The Same.
No Man's Sky_20160811120711
How No Man's Sky Changed Everything.
No Man's Sky_20160814213656
A One Night Stand
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-08-15 21-40-10
A Mirror for Life

No Man's Sky_20160814111017
The Stars My Destination

No Man's Sky_20160814202744
The Life of an Intergalactic Researcher
No Man's Sky_20160820154626
Leaving Our Mark
No Man's Sky_20160812171807


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