Spencer Headlining EB Expo 2016

Spencer Headlining EB Expo 2016

EB Expo has confirmed its place in the Australian gaming landscape over the last few years with annual high-quality gaming shows. Despite a lot of people seeing EB Expo as nothing more than a giant pre-order ad for EB (which to some extent it is) there is no denying the massive range of games and guests that come to the show every year.

This year the expo has secured possibly it’s biggest guest yet, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer. Phil took on possibly the toughest job in gaming after the appalling launch of the Xbox One and has constantly fought to regain the gaming public’s trust for the  Xbox system, doing an admirable job in the process.

Phil will be delivering a keynote speech at the Expo on Friday the 30th of September at 11am. This is sure to be a popular and interesting speech so if you are planning on attending make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare. Player 2 will once again be attending EB Expo in force so you can be sure that if you can’t make it we will have it covered for you.


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