The Weekly Wrap – 3rd of July 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 3rd of July 2017

It’s tax time, time to get all those receipts together and head off to the accountant. But if that is annoying you don’t fret, there was a ton of great content on Player 2 to take your mind off all those numbers and paperwork. Matt went for an 18 hole walk with The Golf Club 2 and got an early look at Aven Colony, Sarah discovered blind horror with Perception and Paul brought The Insider back for a second episode with a look at Sony’s Crossplay stance. All this along with the usual dose of news, videos and opinions you have come to expect from Player 2.

So forget your taxes and put down your calculator, it is time to catch up on a week’s worth of Player 2.

Perception - Review
Patched 17 - Nintendo E3
2017: Halfway Highlights
The Golf Club 2 - Review
The Insider - PS4 Crossplay Woes
Aven Colony - Preview
P2 Plays - Elite: Dangerous


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