The Xbox One Finally Faces The Dealer

The Xbox One Finally Faces The Dealer

After a delay caused by Microsoft drawing two pain cards and a curse, The Dealer will finally be making his presence felt on the Xbox One. The very excellent Hand of Fate 2 will be launching on Microsoft’s console on the 1st of December and is coming with super sexy Xbox One X support to boot.

Hand of Fate 2 is set a century after the events of the original Hand of Fate, the Dealer returns to the Game of Life and Death with new additions including companions, an overhauled combat system, a character creator, new tabletop minigames, and more exciting surprises. You can read more about it in our review or check out the very first mission in the episode of Player 2 Plays below.

Honestly this is a must buy game and it is Aussie developed to boot so there is no excuse for Xboxers missing this one.

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