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The Warpath – Darksiders Playthrough #11 – The Armageddon Blade

The Warpath – Darksiders Playthrough #11 – The Armageddon Blade

The penultimate episode of The Warpath is here! in our eleventh episode Paul journeys out to collect the 7 pieces of the Armageddon blade so that he can put an end to this madness once and for all. Can he do it?

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Paul James

Born and bred on the Super Nintendo era, Paul relishes any opportunity to sink his teeth into an RPG, action or platformer. Despite being an owner of all major platforms, Paul does have a particular love of the Playstation family of consoles – take only a few minutes to skim through his Twitter and you’ll see him ranting about the next big thing on PS4. We swear he’s sane.